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Care for your workwear

We can agree that workwear is an investment in you and your team. At Mr Farmer workwear we pride ourselves in supplying quality workwear and safety garments, but only with proper care after purchase can you keep it looking as good as new for longer to ensure you get the most out of your investment.


Here are a few important guidelines to keep in mind when washing, storing, and wearing your protective workwear:


Beware of additional wear and tear

Wear your uniform for work only and let your workwear rest when you do. If you are not on-site, change into comfortable wear and properly store your protective clothing for the next use to prolong the life expectancy.


Rotate your workwear

It is best to have more than one set of protective workwear, you won’t have to wash it daily and it can help retain the garment’s unique characteristics.


Follow the label instructions

There are different care instructions for different materials, read the label to prevent shrinking, stretching, fading, or damaging the protective features of your workwear.


Wash regularly and with a quality detergent

Avoid stains, odour, and build-up by frequently washing your workwear with a quality detergent.


Check for repairs

Lost buttons, abrasions, or tears that are repaired immediately will prevent further wear. Regular inspection of workwear can prevent the protection it offers from being compromised.


Is it time to replace your workwear and protective clothing? We offer a wide range of men’s and ladies workwear and protective clothing,  contact our team for more information.