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Choose Gumboots

If you work in the agriculture, horticulture, mining, chemical, or food processing industry, chances are you are wearing a pair of gumboots.

Why choose gumboots?

Gumboots are designed to be waterproof and help maintain hygiene standards, making it a popular choice in PPE (personal protective equipment.) and safety footwear. Easier to clean compared to other protective footwear, gumboots vary from everyday general use to more specialised applications.


At Mr Farmer workwear we offer a wide range of quality Wayne gumboots in a range of colours, cuts and lengths that adhere to the highest international safety standards. Choosing a pair of gumboots depends on the industry and environment and the different levels of protection required.

Our range of men’s and ladies PVC gumboots are:

  • Durable against chemicals and oils.
  • Lightweight and flexible, abrasion and slip-resistant.
  • Available with or without STC (Steel Toe Cap).


Men’s Gumboots:


Ladies Gumboots:


Follow the link for tips on caring for your Gumboots.


Visit our SAFETY FOOTWEAR page for our full range of men’s and ladies protective footwear & gumboots or contact our team for more information.