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Facing the elements

When it comes to facing the elements at work, quality rainwear and jackets are important to ensure workers have the right level of protection.

How to choose the right rainwear?

Choosing rainwear and jackets for you and your team will depend on your working environment and the degree of protection you require. Garment characteristics, such as waterproof vs. water-resistant, and garment construction should be considered when choosing protective rainwear.

Rain wear

Waterproof vs. water-resistant rainwear and jackets:

Rainwear and jackets that are waterproof keep out driving rain. Garments that are water-resistant can handle light rain for a brief time.

Garment construction:

When choosing your rainwear consider the construction details such as pockets, detachable or concealed hoods, drawcords, zip or button-up closure.

At Mr Farmer workwear we offer a range of unisex rainwear and jackets that are waterproof or water-resistant and available in different styles, colour variations with or without reflective tape, to suit every need and working environment.


Don’t let the weather interrupt you and your team’s productivity, view our RAINWEAR page for our full range of unisex rainwear or contact our team for more information.