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NEW YEAR, NEW SAFETY Resolutions in the workplace

Start the new year by improving health and safety in the workplace.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) plays an important part in keeping you and your team safe at work. January is the ideal time to assess PPE in the workplace before the year gets busy with work again. A few minor reviews and changes can ensure a safe working environment for you and your team in the new year.

personal protective equipment

Rewind to the past year

Review the accidents that occurred in the workplace. Could any of these accidents have been prevented or how can they be improved upon with the right safety gear and equipment?


Get feedback

Communicate with your team and management to ensure they are satisfied and confident with the safety precautions and personal equipment supplied in the workplace.


Check your current equipment  

Out with the old and in with the new. Does it still fit, is everything still in working order and in good shape? Assessing current PPE will ensure that you and your team can confidently start work in the new year.


At Mr Farmer workwear we offer a wide range of protective equipment for a different industries. Visit our  safety accessories page for our full range of personal protective equipment or contact our team for more information.