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PPE (personal protective equipment)

Take the first step toward reducing the risk in a hazardous working environment with PPE (personal protective equipment).

By law, employees that are exposed to risk or potential risk are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). For peace of mind and to adhere to safety rules and regulations, at Mr Farmer workwear we offer a wide range of quality PPE (personal protective equipment) as effective protection for you and your team.

Personal Protective Equipment

Protective Headwear 

Our durable hard hats are used for protection on-site primarily to reduce the risk of injury against falling objects. Quality and comfort guaranteed. We also offer a range of caps and hats used in the food industry & protecting against the elements when working outdoors.

Respiratory Protection

Eliminate the inhalation of harmful materials such as gas, droplets, chemicals or viral infections with a range of masks and respirators available at Mr Farmer workwear.

Ear Protection

A defense against noise exposure on site. Various hearing protection products are available according to preference such as comfort and fit. We offer a range of ear plugs or ear muffs at Mr Farmer workwear. Disposable or re-usable ear plugs can conform to fit inside the ears, while ear muffs are adjustable and cover the entire ear.

Eye Protection

Prevent eye-sight damage on site with a range of safety glasses and goggles that protect against debris, UV and chemicals. Compatible with other PPE equipment to ensure productivity and comfort.

Hand Protection 

We offer a wide range of safety gloves for different industries and applications to protect against general handling, heat, cuts, abrasions, chemicals and more.

Hi-visibility Clothing

Improve visibility working in low light and dark conditions with our range of reflective and fluorescent workwear including vests, bibs and overalls. 

Protective Footwear

At Mr Farmer we supply a wide range of men’s and ladies safety footwear that adhere to relevant safety standards and protect against various worksite hazards such as exposure falling objects, chemicals or slippery surfaces. Choose between safety boots or shoes with or without steel toe caps or our range of gumboots. Read more about protective footwear. 


Visit our  SAFETY ACCESSORIES  page for our full range of personal protective equipment or contact our team for more information.