Francois Pieters & Jaco Viljoen

Mr Farmer Workwear

Francois Pieters & Jaco Viljoen


Francois is known as a seasoned entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in the transport and logistics industry. Starting his career in family businesses, he later founded R.P. Carriers and acquired Cape Hauliers, eventually merging them into Xinergistix Management Services (Pty) Ltd. His leadership skills led him to roles such as Operations Director and Managing Director, and later as Chief Executive Officer of the Unitrans South Africa Group. During his tenure, the fleet grew significantly, reaching 4,500 vehicles under Unitrans Supply Chain Solutions. Francois is also known for his community involvement, having served on school governing bodies. Currently, he focuses on industrial development through private businesses, leveraging his extensive entrepreneurial expertise and leadership acumen. His key skills include entrepreneurship, leadership, negotiation, teamwork, and a deep understanding of various industries.


Jaco Viljoen brings nearly three decades of diverse experience to the table, initially starting his career in finance before transitioning to roles encompassing sales, marketing, and operational management. Over the past decade, he has been instrumental in driving the efficient management of various business operations within the supply chain industry, including CrystalCool Logistix (Pty) Ltd, Xinergistix Management Services (Pty) Ltd, and Unitrans' Warehousing and Cement Divisions. He has a proven track record as a turnaround specialist, adept at establishing high-performance teams and navigating dynamic entrepreneurial environments. Jaco's hands-on approach and preference for being involved directly in business operations reflect his commitment to driving tangible results. He balances his professional endeavours with a passion for cycling and outdoor pursuits. With a strong foundation in finance and an array of leadership skills, Jaco continues to make significant contributions to the businesses he engages with, focusing on team building, leadership development, business development, and customer service excellence.

How it all started

In 1950, two intrepid Dutch soldiers, fueled by ambition and innovation, planted the seeds of what would blossom into the iconic Mr Farmer brand. Their journey began humbly, peddling British army uniforms in the vibrant markets of South Africa. Yet, from these modest origins, their enterprise flourished into a paragon of excellence.

Through the winds of change and the hands of fate, Mr Farmer changed ownership four times, each transition imbuing it with fresh vigor and vision. Today, it stands proudly under the stewardship of Jaco Viljoen and Francois Pieters, who carry the torch of tradition while igniting new pathways of growth. From its agricultural roots, Mr Farmer has branched out into a formidable arboretum of offerings, spanning Workwear, PPE, Corporate Clothing, and Safety Equipment.

What began as a humble venture now resonates as a household name, synonymous with quality, resilience, and the unwavering commitment to safeguarding those who toil in the fields of progress.

What's changed...

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